Executive CoachingDubai in United Arab Emirates has been one of the most sought after countries for new business investments since business tycoons and experts have witnessed incredible growth throughout all sectors of Dubai economy over the past 10 years.

The government of UAE is continuously working to improve its commercial competitiveness and commence dynamic regulations that help the rise of small and medium enterprises, being ready for global challenges.

Dubai’s economy is no longer dependent on oil, but is more diversified, relying heavily on trade, services and finance sectors. Dubai has also implemented a strategy far out cry from executive coaching to make it the capital of the Islamic economy. The seven strategic directions of Dubai as a global leader in Islamic economy include: Islamic finance; halal food; family friendly tourism, Islamic digital economy; fashion, arts & design; economic education; and Islamic standards & certification. In addition, Dubai has already launched plans to be the global centre for issuance of sukuk (Islamic corporate bonds) and the establishment of an Islamic Governance Centre and the Dubai Centre for Islamic Banking & Finance.

With its central geographic location between Asian and European markets, Dubai has worked hard to establish itself as an integral part of the global trade mechanism and a rich soil to start a business. Its central location has also allowed Dubai to become a popular and accessible tourist destination and has been investing to world landmarks such as the only 7-star hotel in the world – Burj Al Arab.

The Department of Economic Development has been exceptionally forward-thinking doing executive coaching skills, and is moving towards a more dynamic and world-class electronic services system in which most aspects of the business set up process is conducted through the internet.

Aside from being a tax-free country, Dubai’s many free zones are another aspect of the city’s growing economy. Established as a way of attracting more foreign investment, free zones adhere to unique laws regarding ownership, taxation and labor. Unlike businesses in the rest of Dubai, which require at least 51% ownership by a UAE local, free zone businesses let you have 100% foreign ownership. Legally, companies based in free zones are considered “offshore” so they are unable to trade within the city without an agent or distributor. Free zones also tend to assist new businesses in the set up process.

Everyone knows that a tiny mosquito can be life threatening with its carried dangerous diseases. Those tiny feet can cause a largePest Control Service damage to humans when not prevented earlier. Even you hire pest control service, you still have to add personal protection on daily basis especially people living in tropical countries. Here are some common disease brought by mosquitoes and some information about them.


Malaria is an ancient disease originating in Africa. The malaria parasite (plasmodium) is transmitted by female Anopheles mosquitoes. The term malaria is attributed to Horace Walpole in a letter from Italy in 1740 and is derived from the Italian ‘mal-aria” or “bad air” because it was thought to come on the wind from swamps and rivers.

According to records, approximately 40% of the world’s population is susceptible to malaria, mostly in the tropical and sub-tropical areas of the world. It was by and large eradicated in the temperate area of the world during the 20th century with the advent of DDT and other organochlorine and organophosphate mosquito control insecticides. An elevated standard of living, including the use of air conditioners and window screens, along with public health interventions have largely remanded malaria transmission to tropical areas. Nonetheless, it can still be found in northern Europe.

More than one million deaths and 300 – 500 million cases are still reported annually in the world. It is reported that malaria kills one child every 40 seconds.


 Chikungunya virus is a pathogen transmitted by mosquitoes.  The name “Chikungunya” is attributed to the Kimakonde (a Mozambique dialect) word meaning “that which bends up”, which describes the primary symptom – excruciating joint pain. Although rarely fatal, the symptoms are debilitating and may persist for several weeks. There is no vaccine and primary treatment is limited to pain medication.

 The mosquito species that transmit this disease are the Asian Tiger Mosquito (Aedes albopictus) and the Yellow Fever Mosquito (Aedes aegypti). Both species lay their eggs in containers such as cans, discarded tires and other items that hold water close to human habitation that is why it is recommended to fumigate from Dubai pest control. Traditional mosquito methods of truck-mounted and aerial sprays are ineffective in controlling these mosquitoes. Removal of water-bearing containers and sanitation are key preventive strategies.


Dengue is a serious arboviral disease of the Americas, Asia and Africa. Although it has a low mortality, dengue has very uncomfortable symptoms and has become more serious, both in frequency and mortality, in recent years.  These mosquitoes prefer to lay their eggs in containers close to human habitations and are not well-controlled by standard spraying techniques. If you want to know more about pest controls, visit http://www.bbmgroupme.com/.  The spread of dengue throughout the world can be directly attributed to the proliferation and adaptation of these mosquitoes.

So you’re finally building your photography website. Congratulations! Now you can not only show off your skills but also reach a wider range of possible clients. The Internet is continuously becoming the go-to place of people of different demographics to learn about a services and products or the company or individual itself.

However, we must warn you that a lot of people with a flair for photography has already walked this path but only few of them came out successful. Yes, building a good photography website can be a minefield. Web development professionals agree that developing a website portfolio for photographers can be twice the challenge.Web Development

Don’t worry, though! We are kind enough to gather three vital tips to help you build a website that will have your visitors booking you for a racket.

Focus on Content Not Design

Don’t spend too much paying a web development company Dubai to make an outrageous design for your website. Even the experts in the field agree that simplicity works best to provide a good user experience. If you want to be engaging, you need to focus on your content. In short, only upload your best photos. Bad pictures will make you look amateur and your website’s design will not save you from having that reputation. Your content is the only thing that will set you apart from your competitors. Concentrate on that!

Don’t be Stupid to Upload Low Res Photos

You must be crazy to upload low quality pictures! Although this is a no-brainer, this continuous to be common mistake done by other photographers. As a photographer, you may be afraid to upload high-quality photos as they can be used by other people. However, you need to let go and forget about this paranoia. If you don’t show off your best how can you expect to break into the business? What you can do is use only a few of your best quality images and make sure that they’re shown on your website with a height or width of at least 800px. If you’re worried about copyright use a watermark.

Make it Easy to Reach You

Uploading your great works is useless if you don’t tell the potential clients how to contact you. Build a contact page, place a phone number on every page, or include your email address in the footer. Do these and finding your contact information should be a breeze for your users. By doing so, you can have your phone continuously ringing.


A computer, whether laptop or desktop, is a necessity nowadays. You need those for writing or creating a business proposal for Life insruranceyour work presentation. Because of that, you always desire to prolong your computer’s lifespan because unlike yourself who can get a life insurance, there are no insurance for computers other than having a warranty. You may do some cleaning by wiping it every day, but for these machines maintenance means more a lot of the external.

  1. You Have to Keeping It Cool

First, you have to ensure that there’s plenty of airflow around all sides of the computer, especially the back on a desktop and often the bottom and sides for a laptop. While it’s easy to de-clutter your desk or work area, it’s also important to remember this tip if your tower lives under your desk, or in a special cubby, because the hot air in those situations can build up and recycle itself, getting hotter and hotter inside the space. Keep the cabinet doors open, for example, or take off the cubby’s back panel to ensure proper flow.

  1. You Have to Power the UPS

Electrical outlets seem like a pretty simple proposition: You plug your stuff into them, and they work. But what we’re not seeing our computers deal with is the little blips and interruptions coming out over the grid, all the time.. Even if you never see the effect of those slip-ups and surges, the spikes and sags and tiny little brown-outs, the millisecond bumps in oscillation, your computer is feeling them.

  1. Run a Routine Software Checks

Whenever you change, move, copy or delete a file, your computer usually does the minimum work necessary to give you the desired result. The most important thing to do is defragging. That means bits and pieces of files are left around in the empty spaces, not useful but also not gone, meaning your “free” space isn’t technically free. A defrag utility will go hunting through the wilds of your free space, collecting those random shadows and getting rid of them for good. This frees up space your computer didn’t even know it had, as well as speeding up the machine by pushing all the data that still matters into a more compact area of the disk so that your CPU doesn’t have to hunt around for the various pieces of stuff you still care about, mixed in with the trash.

  1. Back It Up

If you have lots of data or media you want to keep to yourself, protect, or otherwise maintain access to regardless of equipment failure — you really should listen to your IT guy and have a back up of your files. You also should have a backup system just like recommended life insurance in Bahrain for all your important files you keep in the cloud. While external hard drives have become easy to come by, there are plenty of services that provide storage, free or for a price, that can sync your data easily and seamlessly, so that you never have to worry about another crash or disaster.

The thought of moving abroad excites many of us. But the sad truth is it isn’t really how we perceive it to be. More often than not, individuals who settle overseas find it depressing and frustrating to live far away from the place where they grew up. They begin to realize that reality don’t really match up to their expectations.

If you are moving to a new place soon, you better be prepared as homesickness can have you packing your bags and boarding the next flight back home. Yes, homesickness can really back you down on your plans so you better be prepared and be stronger than your emotions.

Once you are trotting the new city, don’t be surprised to find yourself missing your family back home, your friends you used to always hang with, or even your comfy bed and the food that your mom cooks. When you find yourself struggling, here are some useful tricks for getting past the feeling of homesickness.

1. Develop a routine.

Living a life abroad is filled with inconsistencies, instability, and surprises that are both good and bad. With all these, it is important to find something that can help you feel refreshed. Find your happy place. It could be sipping iced coffee every Sundays or going out for an adventure trip once a month. Whatever that little thing is, keep doing it.

2. Be active.

Staying home and sitting on the couch while staring at the wall will make you feel stuck and eventually, homesick. When you always stay inside your house, you will get bored and start to wonder how much fun you could be having if you are back home. Always be out and about. Check out a newly opened restaurant, go for a movie, or visit festivals for food, music, and art.

3. Meet people.

Find your new wolf pack. It doesn’t mean that you left your friends back at home, you shouldn’t find new ones. Meet someone new or even someone to fall in love with. Be with people who are also foreigners to the country or some locals who can help you feel that you have a home away from home.

Homesick from Daniel Matias on Vimeo.

Dubai Search Engine OptimizationYou launched a blog and had it optimized several months ago. Everything is perfect, from design to its organic rankings. The sad truth, however, is that after all of your efforts; your site is still not converting. Obviously, it is neither your web developer nor your Dubai Search Engine Optimization provider that is to blame. It is probably you and the contents that you are posting.

Don’t fret as you are not alone. A lot of businesses are in the same situation as you are – clueless on how to effectively use their site as a profitable marketing strategy. To help you out, here are some tips that you should do when developing your contents.

  • Invest in quality over quantity. Don’t stress out in producing tons of articles per day for your website. Instead, focus on generating fewer contents but make sure that they are all high-quality. If you are currently writing five to seven short posts on your blog, consider switching to one to two long form but kingly posts.
  • Make your posts targeted. By now, you should know who are the people you are writing for. If until now, you still aren’t sure, then you should spend a sufficient amount of time finding out who really are the people that you want to cater to.
  • Use high-quality images. In the online world, high-quality is what matters most. So when uploading pictures in your blog website, be sure to use great photos. When you just grab some old cheesy stock photos, your site can look cheap.
  • Compile a comprehensive list of industry statistics and research. These types of posts are great for getting inbound links.
  • Be sure that each of your posts has call to action. You can engage viewer and have them finish reading each of your posts but if you do not tell them what they should do, they will not really do anything. As a result, your effort will just be put to waste.
  • Write a post predicting trends in your niche or industry. This can make you seem like you know what you are talking about. People will see you as trustworthy and an expert in the industry.
  • Contact three key figures in your industry. An SEO service tip is to tap three big figures in your field and talk to them about opportunities for cross promoting content via your email lists, guest posts and social media sharing.

Whether you are managing a big or small company, limiting the costs of your operations is vital. Although these expenses are usually hidden, they can be substantial. Especially if your business is still on its startup years, lowering expenses can be very helpful because this is the phase where reserving your funds is of utmost importance.Human Resource and payroll software Dubai

Knowing how to reduce or eliminate specific administrative costs is indispensable to the profitability and long-term success of your company. Trimming these expenses will greater flexibility in long-term pricing strategy, and improve cash flow. Here are some of the best practices when cutting down your expenses.

Rent, don’t buy. If you are thinking of buying a space for your business, you better think again. Having a long-term lease is way better than paying your mortgage and other upkeep. When you rent, your costs are fixed. Leave the maintenance expenses and repairs to the owner of the space. Save your cash for that time when you’re more comfortable with the market opportunities and an investment that will meet your criteria.

Don’t travel too much. Although doing business trips is a good way to have good client relationships and helps you close more deals, you have to limit it to only the important ones or the ones where you have a good chance. For the others that you aren’t so sure, it is better to meet the clients through video conferencing.

Limit client pampering. When face-to-face meetings are musts, be sure to not spend lavishly for your clients. Skip giving luxurious gifts and expensive dinners at extravagant restaurants. Establish an entertainment policy which fits the economy; your clients and prospects will understand since their company is probably implementing similar policies.

Use software. You can cut on your labor costs by implementing a software system in the office like the HR and payroll software in dubai. With the Human Resource and payroll software Dubai, you can keep your HR department to a small number of staff but very functional. This computer tool can help manage the payroll and other HR-related duties.

Go digital. Managing paper is time-consuming and expensive. Sorting, filing, and finding files requires secretarial/clerical time and space. Purchase a scanner and digitize all important papers and keep them in well-organized electronic files to save space and administrative costs.

Business ConsultantsGreat entrepreneurs are born ready. So if you want to join the world of entrepreneurship, you have to be prepared for almost anything. From supplying demands to rethinking a strategy, you have to always be geared up for change in order to adapt in this fast-paced market. But more importantly, you have to be ready to face an economic downturn.

Recession is out of your control. It can happen even if your business is functioning all too well. When this happens, you have to be able to navigate your ship away from the iceberg and keep it from sinking. Here are some friendly tips that businessmen should consider in times of a fluctuating economy.

  • Get your facts right. Business consultants suggest businessmen to keep and secure all the financial reports and account management documents as the first step to battle future recession. All of these files should be accurate as these can come in handy when trying to secure a business loan in case of emergency.
  • Solidify your business plan. During an economic downturn, only the businesses that make sense are left standing. Secure a solid position by developing or tweaking your business plan and making it more realistic. An unshakeable business plan that is backed by a thorough research and has a practical revenue projection can save you from closing your doors to the public.
  • Spend on marketing. Although cost-cutting is a good option to survive a downturn, a need to remain competitive and visible is important. Marketing was one area vital to generating business during a period of downturn. Take advantage of the recession by negotiating better deals in areas such as advertising where cost of space has dropped or allocate spend to setting up or improving a website which is another cost-effective way of marketing your company.
  • Act immediately when you see it coming. Once you see that there can be a recession ahead of you. Immediately do something about it. Even if it is just a potential problem, be prepared to tackle it. Those who deal with problems then and there come out of the situation in a better place. It is also good to get an external opinion from business consultants in Dubai about the risks you are about to face.

Alice Rivlin: How To Succeed In Business During… by BigThinkCom

Summer is just around the corner and you already feel the beach heat and the sound of the waves are resonating in your ears. Media City Dubai hotelsThough this summer means staying in the Media City Dubai hotels, it will also entails you to a long drive for the family. So, if this is your first time to hit the road for the next couple of hours, remember these tips that will keep your nerves going.


  • Bring a few boxes of biscuits, fruits, sandwiches, chips (though not very healthy) and an ice chest with some soft drinks and water on your trip. If you want to go healthy, choose to bring only fruits, sandwiches and fiber biscuits. That way you will not be tempted to stop over every food trap along the way. Snacking can keep your mind busy as the miles float by. Just be sure to always keep your eyes on the road.
  • When travelling alone especially late at night, turn on the radio and scan for all the different radio stations that channels in each small town. Some best moments in radio happen on live broadcasts from small-town stations that could not be available in hotels Dubai.
  • Bring your tablet or IPads for some movie marathon while driving. This could mean games and e-books for kids as well. Avoid laptops for it your kids may destroy those especially when they had fallen asleep while watching a movie.
  • If you’re traveling with your family, you may want to try fun games with your children. For younger kids, there’s always “I See Something … Yellow,” a fun game where someone spots something of a particular color along the road and the family has to try to guess what it is. The winner gets to find the next item. There is also the “Alphabet Game where everyone has to try to find signs along the road with words on them that start with letters of the alphabet. An example might be Carla finds a sign that says “Anawangin” for an “A.” Then Rico finds a “Barbie” sign for the “B.” The first one to get to a “Z” word sign wins. A variation on this game might be to use automobile license plates instead of signs.

Online baby Store You are now officially on your second trimester. Your belly is definitely growing and don’t expect it to remain its size as it will continue to become bigger approaching your third trimester. Before your load gets even heavy, it is probably time to go out and complete your baby shopping checklist. On the coming weeks, you will begin to get too tired and too heavy to move. So enjoy the outside while you can and shop for the following:

  • MATERNITY WEAR. Your size is your growing but your pants aren’t. Get something that fits you because it is very important for pregnant women to always feel comfortable. But remember: being pregnant is not an excuse to go out of fashion. There are a lot of maternity wear that are meant to keep you in style.
  • SLEEPING AIDS. On your days ahead, you will start to always feel tired or sluggish. Don’t try to fight it as your body needs all the rest it can get. It is also a way to prepare your body to the process of giving birth. So don’t let anyone distract you from your much needed rest and buy sleeping aids like ear plugs, cozy blanket, fans, noise machines, and body pillows.
  • PREGNANCY BOOKS. Since you will be staying more inside your house weeks before the birth of your baby, why not spend your time reading pregnancy books. Aside from the fact that reading helps you relax, learning things about pregnancy can help you understand the changes or effects of this phase of your life. It can prevent you from freaking out in the future.
  • BABY ROOM ACCESSORIES. At this point, you probably already know the gender of your baby. This is a good time to decorate your baby’s nursery room as you can now pick the colors and theme appropriately.

Buying baby clothes is also something that you should not forget. However, it is recommended for moms like you to shop in an online baby Store instead of going to a mall. Physically visiting a store can excite you as you can see adorable little booties, wee knit caps, and pint-size stretch suits. As a result, you will spend hours browsing the racks in the store which can cause you to get stressed. It is better to go to an online shopping store for mother and children so you can relax at home while picking out a well-rounded selection of clothes for your baby.