Luxury hotel in Dubai Media CityDon’t you just love road trips? As for me, my personal favourite part while being on the road is its spontaneity. There are just so many things to see and experience that you never even expected in the first place. And of course, there are those last-minute detours. I am talking about the sudden changes of plan like you just want to go to Dubai out of the blue when you are really meant to drive down to Abu Dhabi.

Being spontaneous in travels can be fun and filled with great memories. But of course, because of the lack of planning, there are challenges that usually arise. This is especially on the part of looking for a place to spend the night. As you may know, finding a hotel that is not fully booked is pretty hard when you need a room at the last hour. But if you know some tips and tricks to score the best last-minutes deals, you will be fine.

One of the best ways to find a deal is through your Smartphone. Yes, you can crack open your laptop but how sure are you that you can get a WiFi on the road? Smartphone is your better choice. Before leaving for the trip, be sure to download hotel booking applications on your mobile device. These tools are great for last-minute booking. You should choose to download booking apps that are always on. Try downloading You can use it without WiFi, plus it had a broad selection of properties. It also presents deep discounts on three luxury hotel in Dubai Media City.

Instead of using the app to get a room, it is better to call the hotel in dubai directly. This can get you bigger discounts than the deal shown on the app. When you call the hotel’s reception, Haggle with the hotel over the cost of the room you saw on the app. If the hotel quotes you a price, offer 10 to 20 percent less than the first offer. Although some hotels won’t budge on rates, many are willing to work with you. The manager may come back with a different price that saves you money.

Lifetime Collective “The Road Trip” from Salazar on Vimeo.