You want to acknowledge the most important person in your life – none other than your mother! Here are suggestions and ideas that you could do to show how you value your mother on her special day.

Video Production

1. Send her a greeting card – no matter how common this may be, giving moms a greeting card will surely make them smile and teary-eyed! It is even better if you will be the one to make your own instead of buying one

2. Give her a mother’s “report card” – humor your mother by giving her a report card showing that she got A’s in loving you, cooking the food, gardening etc. She would wish it was your card, but she will definitely love the idea!

3. Give her flowers – almost every girl appreciates flower because the act of giving a bouquet itself is so sweet. You can show your love to your mom by giving her flowers that match her personality. Or, if you know your mom’s favorite, give her that instead.

4. Write a song for her – you don’t need to be an expert song writer to do this, just scribble some words from your heart and create a tune for it. And you can sing it out on her celebration. You can opt to do it in a music recording or video production to make it sound professional. Your mother will surely appreciate all the effort.

5. Do the household chores for her – mothers are responsible with all the work around the house so, why not give her a rest day by doing some chores for her.

6. Cook for her – Cook for her a very unique yet delicious meal or perhaps her favorite dish.

7. Write her a poem – a poem will surely make your mom feel so special. Say how much you love her through a beautiful poem, and she will be surely be touched and overwhelmed.

8. Create a video for her – You may edit a simple video for your mom; you can dance, sing or do anything she would appreciate. Include a part where you dedicate a message to her. You can opt for some video production companies in Dubai to do it for you if you have no time or don’t know anything from video-making.

9. Buy the things under her wish list – if you have some savings, why not buy her things under her wish list?  Giving gifts that she really desires will surely brighten up her day.

10. Buy her a book from her favorite author – buying a book not only means you acknowledge your mother, but it also means you know her very well.

11. Gather the entire family for her –  make an effort in bringing all your siblings together with nieces and nephews as you celebrate with her.

So you finally replaced your old laptop! It’s definitely a good idea to opt to buy Dell laptops in Dubai. It is a great brand! And Dell is actually among the top companies known to manufacture durable and high-quality portable computers.

But what should you do next after putting your new laptop out of the box? You’re probably excited to log into your Facebook account or use it for Skype chatting. Before you do that, here are 5 things that you must do to properly setup your computer. All of these can make your computing experience a pleasurable one.

Buy Dell laptops in DubaiUninstall the Bloatware. These are the software installed by the manufacturer that you don’t really need or want. Remove them so you can maximize your laptop’s space. Wipe your drive of these unwanted programs by using a cleanup software like Ccleaner. This is a great tool for getting rid of bloatware in your computer.

Secure your laptop. When you connect to the Internet, you can be exposed to a lot of threats. And this is why you should make sure your Dell unit is fully secured. This can help your laptop become unusable if someone steals it from you.

1.  Place passwords on user accounts. Make sure you use a very strong password. A great password is a combination of character types and is long enough. Instead of using “jfierce” you should go for “Jf13rce045”.

2.  Install security software. This is imperative and you shouldn’t go web browsing all day without a set of security software working on your computer.

  • Antivirus: There are free antivirus software on the Internet. Just search for a free, open-source antivirus program for Windows.
  • Firewall: You should also turn on Windows’ Firewall and Windows Defender. You can also consider a dedicated firewall that may include email scanning, adware removal, and more configurable firewall options.
  • Anti-theft: This is a laptop recovery software. When your laptop gets stolen, you can still access your files and delete them using another unit that has an anti-theft software installed also.
  • Encryption software: The role of this software is mainly to encrypt all sensitive information stored on your laptop.

Check for updates. You’re almost set! The last thing you need to do is check for any available updates and install them. This one kind of goes without saying, but once you have installed an operating system and any necessary applications on your new laptop, it is important to install any available software updates to make sure they function well.

sales pitch coursesSales pitch is an integral part of turning leads into solid clients. Although the concept of doing sales pitch is something that most salesmen do, a lot of them actually don’t know how to properly do it. And this is exactly why they remain unsuccessful in reaching their sales target.

Sometimes clients buy the ordinary pitch but if you are serious about making sales, do you really want to settle for something that is just okay? Of course not! To be a successful sales professional, you have to master the art of presenting to your prospects.

Let’s start by introducing you to the 3 deadly sins that salesmen commit when delivering a sales pitch. Learn these things and you’ll know what aspects of your presentation you need to change to make it better.

There’s no suspense. It is a fact that people want things fast because they are too busy to stick around. So, commonly, salesmen just do a quick pitch thinking that clients will love it more. However, this is wrong. In sales, it is better if you build a suspense first before landing to your point. When you offer up a fast pitch, clients will lose interest quickly. Telling stories is recommended—building up to the final pitch if you will.

You don’t inform the clients how long it will take. “I will only take 15 minutes of your time. By the end of my talk, you’ll understand the product better. Anyway, I need to go by 1 o’clock” Setting up a time constraint to your sales pitch is very important. If you don’t tell your potential consumer how long you will take, it can bore them and put them on edge. According to educators of sales pitch courses in Dubai, this will do you two things. One, you will seem like an important and busy man. And two, this will set you apart from other pushy salesmen who would likely stay until kicked out.

Information overload. If you get too detailed and too complicated right off the bat when doing your pitch, you will not impress the listeners. Instead, your audience will not process what you are saying and recoil. Sales pitch courses suggest salesmen to use visuals. This is a good way to help clients understand better.

It is important for landlords to keep their tenants happy. If you are a property owner, we have a unique but really effective solution that you really should consider trying. The best thing of all is that there is really no cost with this strategy.

Social Media StartegiesAccording to a recent study, tenants are happy when they live in a well-maintained property and when they are in harmony with their neighbors. People who know their neighbors are about 60% happier than those who don’t. So when you find a way to make your tenants be introduced with each other, you can ensure that they’ll stay at your property longer.

Thankfully, there is a quick solution for this nowadays. That’s none other than using social media. Set up a group in a social platform like Facebook and add all of your tenants there. This is a good way to break the ice by involving them in conversations. Once you get everyone more comfortable, you can setup an event where all of them will gather and get to know each other better.

You don’t really need to learn much social media strategies for this to be successful. All you have to do is keep them engaged by posting contents that can grab their attention. It is also a good idea to feature one tenant per week and let the people get a brief idea about this person. If there’s one helpful social media strategy from the experts that you can use, it is probably using images to encourage more attraction.

Helping your tenants get to know each other give them a sense of belonging and shared identity in the area. It also helps to strengthen connections and trust in the wider communities and contributes to a happier neighborhood for everyone.

By forming a social media group, your residents can start group conversations, organize meetings or building events, and even arrange a group discount on building work, there can even be people arranging tutor sessions.

What’s even better is that boosting social interactions between your tenants can also help them in terms of their health and wellness. A research suggests that people who have regular contact with their neighbors are healthier and likely to live longer than those people who don’t interact with their neighbor. Helping them socialize will have a big impact on how secure and happy they feel living in your properties.


Love Your Neighbor Event: April 2013 from Jamey Prickett on Vimeo.

Owning and managing a vacation rental is a lucrative business. Especially if you live in an area where tourists love to flock all year round. You can expect to reap revenues in a short span of time. However, with great benefits come great responsibility.

Being an owner of a vacation rental, you need to ensure that your property is pleasing to guests. Most tourists, once they are scarred, they are scarred for life. This means that if they did not have a good impression with your place, they would never come back. Worst of all, they might spread the word about your rental. This could mean loss of business for you. So maintaining your property clean and tidy is an absolute must.Home Maintainance

Here are the basic things you need to keep in mind when cleaning the place up.

  • Clean after each booking. This includes vacuuming, deep cleaning bathrooms, changing linens and towels, and cleaning kitchen surfaces. Clean as you would do in your own home.
  • Clean out the dryer vent regularly if you have these facilities on-site.
  • Vacuum the condenser coils in your refrigerator.
  • Change furnace/air conditioner filters at least once a month.
  • Regularly check and clean your furnace/air conditioner.
  • Clean faucets and shower heads, especially in areas that use wells or have particularly hard water, to avoid build-up that can affect water pressure.
  • Clean out sink and drains regularly.
  • Keep an inventory of items that are stocked in the vacation rental, such as dishes, silverware, cups, etc.

Every once in a while do the following:

  • Remove leaves and debris from gutters and downspouts.
  • Pressure-wash wood siding to prevent mold.
  • Maintain exterior paint and caulk on siding and windows.
  • Trim trees and bushes and look for any problems with the sprinkler system.
  • Inspect the roof, window screens, fences, gates, and automatic door opener.
  • Look for any termites or other pest problems, such as gophers, wasps, or insects.
  • Inspect and replace fire extinguisher or batteries in smoke alarms.

If all of these are so much of a hassle to do, it is best to hire a home maintenance service company. Visit to know more about efficient home maintenance Dubai. A professional cleaning company can do all the things mentioned above and more!


When you think of masquerade balls, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? We bet it’s a mask. We love attending masquerade parties mainly because we get to dress up as a Victorian royalty for a day. But what interests us more is the fact that we get a chance to hide our identity. It gives us the feeling of being mysterious and sexy at the same time.

Venetian MasksHowever, choosing a mask for the ball is not as easy as it seems. Most of the time, you need to decide on your costume first before selecting a mask to ensure that the two will match each other. And once you have all the masks in front of you, it can be overwhelming to figure out which one fits not just your costume but also your personality. Learning the different kinds of Venetian masks can help you pick the right one for you easily. Here are they:

1.  Bauta mask. This mask is a classic.  This is the traditional mask of Venetian masquerades and often worn in 18th century daily life in Venice. A Bauta mask looks pointed at the bottom and square on top. Its design elongates the face and makes the person wearing it look mysterious. Most of the time, this is partnered with a tri-cornered hat and cape. This is commonly worn by men and comes in black or white colors.

2.  Colombina mask. This is the counterpart of the Bauta mask, made especially for women. This mask is usually a half-mask that is often heavily decorated. This type of mask only covers the wearer’s eyes, cheeks, and sometimes nose and is usually colorful.

3.  Medico della Peste mask. Before making its way to the masquerade parties, it was worn by plaque doctors to prevent diseases. Its design that looks totally creepy. This mask got a really long hollow beak, round eyes, and sometimes wire glasses. Usually simple in design, rarely elaborate.

4.  Volto mask. This mask is probably the most comfortable out of all the Venetian masks in UAE. It is also the best pick if you don’t want anyone to recognize you during the party as it covers the whole face and only outlines the basic facial features such as the lips and nose.

5.  Arlecchino mask. If your personality is light and you always induce laughter to people around you, this mask is for you. The Arlecchino mask is joker-like, colorful, with a short nose and arched brows. Sometimes the mask includes a large headpiece and/or collar, possibly with bells on. It looks like a prankster.

Bras are the piece of clothing that protects women’s breast and at the same time gives them bustier tops. Whether fancy or Bustier topsordinary, there are clothing pieces that are very sensitive and should be taken care properly. They’re not the kind of thing that you just run out and pick up every few months like you would a t-shirt, a pair of socks or even cheap lingerie’s. So when you finally buy a bra, be it once a year, you want it to last. You want it stay fresh and lacy and un-crapped up. Here are some ways to preserve its structure and maintain its freshness.

1. Wash them in the sink.  Once a week, throw your bras in the sink and give them a good soak. Don’t be used to in putting them in a lingerie sack and throw them in the washing machine. Lay flat to dry or hang to dry in natural air.

2. Buy two. Not necessarily easy when you’re buying a fancy bra, but if you’re going for something cheap, you should have a two of the same color or style. If you know you’re going to wear something basically every day for Bustier tops in Dubai, be prepared for a time when you’re going to have to part with it. This is also to give you time to wash the other while you’re using the other one.

3. Store them properly. Usually, you probably just shove your bras (and underwear and socks) into a drawer, not bothering to fold them. But never do that. You should designate a special place for your bras — a place that’s not crowded and won’t cause underwires to bend. Or better yet, get a clothes rack made for bras.

4. Keep your white bras white. Commonly, white bras looking dirty after a few weeks of owning them. Hey, it would happen with anything white that you wore daily. There’s a way to keep them clean, though: Vinegar. Toss your bras into your sink and fill with cold water. Add some white distilled vinegar and let soak for 20 minutes. Rinse well (very well) afterwards.

 5. Heavy rotation. We all have our favorite bras. That bra, that even you have a lot of choice, you just keep wearing every single day. But really, that’s not the best way to extend the life of your bra. Make sure you have a few in your rotation — even though you know which one you’re going to wear most.


Executive CoachingDubai in United Arab Emirates has been one of the most sought after countries for new business investments since business tycoons and experts have witnessed incredible growth throughout all sectors of Dubai economy over the past 10 years.

The government of UAE is continuously working to improve its commercial competitiveness and commence dynamic regulations that help the rise of small and medium enterprises, being ready for global challenges.

Dubai’s economy is no longer dependent on oil, but is more diversified, relying heavily on trade, services and finance sectors. Dubai has also implemented a strategy far out cry from executive coaching to make it the capital of the Islamic economy. The seven strategic directions of Dubai as a global leader in Islamic economy include: Islamic finance; halal food; family friendly tourism, Islamic digital economy; fashion, arts & design; economic education; and Islamic standards & certification. In addition, Dubai has already launched plans to be the global centre for issuance of sukuk (Islamic corporate bonds) and the establishment of an Islamic Governance Centre and the Dubai Centre for Islamic Banking & Finance.

With its central geographic location between Asian and European markets, Dubai has worked hard to establish itself as an integral part of the global trade mechanism and a rich soil to start a business. Its central location has also allowed Dubai to become a popular and accessible tourist destination and has been investing to world landmarks such as the only 7-star hotel in the world – Burj Al Arab.

The Department of Economic Development has been exceptionally forward-thinking doing executive coaching skills, and is moving towards a more dynamic and world-class electronic services system in which most aspects of the business set up process is conducted through the internet.

Aside from being a tax-free country, Dubai’s many free zones are another aspect of the city’s growing economy. Established as a way of attracting more foreign investment, free zones adhere to unique laws regarding ownership, taxation and labor. Unlike businesses in the rest of Dubai, which require at least 51% ownership by a UAE local, free zone businesses let you have 100% foreign ownership. Legally, companies based in free zones are considered “offshore” so they are unable to trade within the city without an agent or distributor. Free zones also tend to assist new businesses in the set up process.

Everyone knows that a tiny mosquito can be life threatening with its carried dangerous diseases. Those tiny feet can cause a largePest Control Service damage to humans when not prevented earlier. Even you hire pest control service, you still have to add personal protection on daily basis especially people living in tropical countries. Here are some common disease brought by mosquitoes and some information about them.


Malaria is an ancient disease originating in Africa. The malaria parasite (plasmodium) is transmitted by female Anopheles mosquitoes. The term malaria is attributed to Horace Walpole in a letter from Italy in 1740 and is derived from the Italian ‘mal-aria” or “bad air” because it was thought to come on the wind from swamps and rivers.

According to records, approximately 40% of the world’s population is susceptible to malaria, mostly in the tropical and sub-tropical areas of the world. It was by and large eradicated in the temperate area of the world during the 20th century with the advent of DDT and other organochlorine and organophosphate mosquito control insecticides. An elevated standard of living, including the use of air conditioners and window screens, along with public health interventions have largely remanded malaria transmission to tropical areas. Nonetheless, it can still be found in northern Europe.

More than one million deaths and 300 – 500 million cases are still reported annually in the world. It is reported that malaria kills one child every 40 seconds.


 Chikungunya virus is a pathogen transmitted by mosquitoes.  The name “Chikungunya” is attributed to the Kimakonde (a Mozambique dialect) word meaning “that which bends up”, which describes the primary symptom – excruciating joint pain. Although rarely fatal, the symptoms are debilitating and may persist for several weeks. There is no vaccine and primary treatment is limited to pain medication.

 The mosquito species that transmit this disease are the Asian Tiger Mosquito (Aedes albopictus) and the Yellow Fever Mosquito (Aedes aegypti). Both species lay their eggs in containers such as cans, discarded tires and other items that hold water close to human habitation that is why it is recommended to fumigate from Dubai pest control. Traditional mosquito methods of truck-mounted and aerial sprays are ineffective in controlling these mosquitoes. Removal of water-bearing containers and sanitation are key preventive strategies.


Dengue is a serious arboviral disease of the Americas, Asia and Africa. Although it has a low mortality, dengue has very uncomfortable symptoms and has become more serious, both in frequency and mortality, in recent years.  These mosquitoes prefer to lay their eggs in containers close to human habitations and are not well-controlled by standard spraying techniques. If you want to know more about pest controls, visit  The spread of dengue throughout the world can be directly attributed to the proliferation and adaptation of these mosquitoes.

So you’re finally building your photography website. Congratulations! Now you can not only show off your skills but also reach a wider range of possible clients. The Internet is continuously becoming the go-to place of people of different demographics to learn about a services and products or the company or individual itself.

However, we must warn you that a lot of people with a flair for photography has already walked this path but only few of them came out successful. Yes, building a good photography website can be a minefield. Web development professionals agree that developing a website portfolio for photographers can be twice the challenge.Web Development

Don’t worry, though! We are kind enough to gather three vital tips to help you build a website that will have your visitors booking you for a racket.

Focus on Content Not Design

Don’t spend too much paying a web development company Dubai to make an outrageous design for your website. Even the experts in the field agree that simplicity works best to provide a good user experience. If you want to be engaging, you need to focus on your content. In short, only upload your best photos. Bad pictures will make you look amateur and your website’s design will not save you from having that reputation. Your content is the only thing that will set you apart from your competitors. Concentrate on that!

Don’t be Stupid to Upload Low Res Photos

You must be crazy to upload low quality pictures! Although this is a no-brainer, this continuous to be common mistake done by other photographers. As a photographer, you may be afraid to upload high-quality photos as they can be used by other people. However, you need to let go and forget about this paranoia. If you don’t show off your best how can you expect to break into the business? What you can do is use only a few of your best quality images and make sure that they’re shown on your website with a height or width of at least 800px. If you’re worried about copyright use a watermark.

Make it Easy to Reach You

Uploading your great works is useless if you don’t tell the potential clients how to contact you. Build a contact page, place a phone number on every page, or include your email address in the footer. Do these and finding your contact information should be a breeze for your users. By doing so, you can have your phone continuously ringing.